Virtual Postman (VP) bridges the gap between your Acumatica or other ERP and your business environment. The software application collects, indexes, links and work-flows all related business communications and documents. This automation saves time, saves resources, reduces queries, reduces risk, reduces lost revenue, improves cash flow, manages task queues and optimises business cycles. The application can be divided into 3 modules. Archive provides communication and document storage and indexing. Search and retrieve is done via a browser interface. Collate streamlines the Accounts Receivable (order2cash) business process. Match automates the Accounts Payable (purchase2pay) business process.

Electronic Document and Communication Archive

Virtual Postman Archive is the heart of the cloud based enterprise electronic document management application. This module is responsible for document storage and indexing. VP Archive has the ability to scan in documents, create documents from related pages, import files, import email’s, process email attachments and auto index documents on a bar-code or document content. AI-index records human capture behaviour and auto indexes similar documents. VP Archive also provides the user interface that controls access to documents and communications via nodes, indexes, roles and permissions. Documents can easily be found by searching on user defined indexes. Groups of documents can be auto-distributed via a multi channel envelope based distribution system. Task queues ensure that work is completed e.g. Order capture. Reporting ensures you know where processing is lagging. VP Archive is extendable through its plug-in and web service architecture. This facilitates interfacing into your ERP. Extracted indexes can also be interfaced eliminating the need for manual capture. Secure links to source documentation can be added to your ERP providing quick access to your documents where and when you need them. VP also knows about which documents it should have and so it pro-actively manages your document collection. VP Archive manages a businesses out bound and in bound document and communication flow.

  • Cloud based – Access documents from anywhere in the world
  • Easy document indexing – only do the work a computer can’t do
  • User definable menus and indexes – Store any type of document
  • Task scheduling – Ensure all tasks are managed and reported on
  • Feature rich scan client – use in production scanning environment
  • Complex document grouping based on patterns – no more manual page grouping
  • Document distribution – auto or ad-hoc document delivery based on any index
  • Document Auto Index – automated index extraction based on AI learning
  • Automatic task allocation – uniform work distribution