As a service provider are you prepared to grow your billing revenue and profitability

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The Services Industry Today

Whether you’re a professional services firm that specializes in long-term, complex projects or a business services company that performs shorter, turnaround jobs – the common goal is to acquire and maintain clients while ensuring that projects/jobs are executed profitably. This is the lifeblood of the services industry.

It all starts with managing relationships, from first interactions with leads to repeat business. Competing on value is necessary, but the real challenge is to be better than the competition at ongoing relationship management.

A services industry company has no future without overcoming these challenges:

  • Creating a unique mix of maintaining great relationships combined with a drive to compete, bid, and close on new projects
  • Increasing customer demands for ever-growing service offerings
  • Ensuring repeat business and referrals by delivering on time and on budget
  • Offering competitive prices while maintaining a decent margin for your own business overhead

To tackle the issues of customer relations and productivity simultaneously, only an integrated system will provide the powerful 360-degree view of your customer’s activities, requests, and projects that your industry needs to stay ahead of the competition.

Tools that track all tasks, activities, and expenditures for every project or job. Consistent and up-to-date data. Automated invoicing. A full 360 degree view of customers and projects for complete visibility and control. Critical insight into financial, resource utilization, and project management data. Portals for customers, subcontractors and suppliers to collaborate. This is how automation and integration improve productivity using modern systems, now often enabled through cloud technology.

Furthermore, customers will appreciate and reward your ability to uncover problems early, prevent delays, and keep costs in line, while providing a more responsive service experience.


Which type of Service Business are you?

  • For simple and straightforward service work, Acumatica provides a simple order entry and billing process using unique order types. Set up and modify the workflow for unique order types as needed and they are immediately integrated with the accounts receivable, general ledger, and financial reporting.
  • For services firms that provide business service of a non-project nature, such as repair or support, the Service and Support Automation functionality in Acumatica effectively handles a service-based track.
  • For project-based services firms, such as engineering or legal, the Project Accounting Software Suite manages budgeting, time sheets, billing, profitability, and reporting for projects. Projects are included in company-wide financial reports.
  • For services firms who purchase billable parts and supplies, or carry stock inventory items, the requisitioning, purchasing, warehousing and invoicing is also done within Acumatica.

Applications Available

  • Customer Management (CRM)
  • Sales Order Management
  • Contract Management
  • Case Management
  • Service Management (add-on)
  • Time and Expense Management
  • Invoicing and Account Receivables
  • Deferred and Recurring Billing
  • Requisitions, Purchasing and Inventory
  • Financials (GL, AP, AR, PR)
  • Reporting & Dashboards

Solution Benefits for the Services Industry

  • Work from anywhere using your choice of device
  • Intuitive interface and web-browser accessibility
  • Up-to-date and accurate information in a single system
  • Integrated document management
  • Approval workflows
  • Tools to adapt the system as business changes
  • Own the data and access it anytime
  • Deploy on-premises, through a hosted server, or with Acumatica’s SaaS platform
  • Built on top of the familiar Microsoft.NET platform

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