4Sight Acumatica is the only Gold Acumatica partner in Africa to have twice been awarded the Acumatica Partner of the Year.

4Sight Acumatica Cloud Services provides Post-Modern, True-Cloud ERP solutions to medium to large customers on 4 continents through our Certified teams of Professional Consultants and Developers.

We have offices in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Canada and Australia.

Only 4Sight Acumatica provides a one-stop-shop for all the services around a modern Cloud-based business system including Cloud Hosting, Data Protection, Implementation – Customisation Services, multi-cloud integration such as Office 365, SmartSheet®, Docusign® and much more. We partner with both Microsoft and Amazon Web Services for hosting on Azure® or AWS®.

Here are our core values:

  • We aim to retain our customers for life.
  • We understand the need for customers to realise the best return on their investment in ERP and Business Software.
  • We know that the cost and disruption of changing entire systems must yield a rapid return and improvement in efficiencies. To achieve this goal, have the very best industry experts, consultants, software developers and accountants who work as a cohesive team.
  • We deploy systems very rapidly to ensure quick-wins and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Once you have made the decision to replace your legacy system, we assist you with the very latest Cloud and Mobile technologies to connect your workforce, suppliers and customers while lowering the cost of running your systems.
  • We offer flexible licensing and deployment options from full SaaS with Subscription billing to Private Cloud.
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Through our partnerships with Acumatica, 2Interact HRM and MobiWork, we offer the worlds leading cloud-based ERP solutions for medium sized to large organisations in many sectors and industry types.


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Africa will leapfrog the world in ultra-fast broadband and smartphone propagation over the next three to five years. 4Sight Acumatica is positioned to take advantage of this technological advance to unlock the most modern ERP and Business Software solutions for our African customers. 4Sight Acumatica has the best understanding of the importance that Mobile Applications have in connecting employees, management, customers and suppliers into any business process.


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To remain competitive in the new age of connectivity we ensure that our customers have access to the best software and systems available in the world. While most Business Software and ERP systems can be hosted, few can truly call themselves “Cloud”. Acumatica, the leading Cloud ERP is supplied and supported by 4Sight Acumatica in Africa.


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We boast the best skills in the business. 4sight™ One Channel model ensures that when we design and implement a solution, only qualified experts are used. Unlike other vendors, we are an association of the best people available ensuring you get what you pay for.


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4Sight Acumatica has selected only the very best and most modern technologies to offer to our customers. Products such as Acumatica – the Cloud ERP for medium sized and large organisations, MobiWork, the world’s leading Mobile Processing Platform and our many specialised integrated ISV products all ensure that you are selecting the very best technology the world has to offer.


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By following an Agile Implementation methodology and by always being creative in our Design approach, we get the most out of our best-in-class software and technologies.


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We value our customers and always make sure the end-user experiences the benefits of any new technology. Most importantly, we have the track record to prove this.


Why we have partnered with Acumatica – The Cloud ERP

In the world of pervasive connectivity, connected people, smartphones and the Internet of Everything, a new approach to ERP is required.

What makes Acumatica from 4sight™ One Channel unique ?

Serious out-of-the-box functionality Acumatica’s breadth and depth of functionality include all the robust business processes you need from a serious business management solution.

Build what you need for your business Acumatica comes standard with it’s own built in Customisation, Integration and Development tools that make it easy for you to fit Acumatica to your exact needs.

You decide where your data lives Who controls your data? You should. Unlike other vendors who lock you in to their datacenter, with Acumatica you decide where to host your data: On the public cloud, in a private cloud, or on-premises, with no penalty for changing your mind.

Unique Licensing Model. Acumatica offers a “user range” license that allows you to extend the system to all users including those on mobile devices without the need to purchase a license for each additional user.

Still confused? We explain what it all means and how to select a Cloud ERP that fits your business.

Click on the image below for playing the video

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